My Top 10 Most Valuable Posts of the Year

It has been exactly one year since I first started my blog, The Landscape of Learning.  From blogging, I have learned so much about learning, teaching, reading, writing, blogging, education, and relationships.  I have noticed myself become a much better writer by simply reading what other educators have to say, analyzing their thoughts, and synthesizing my own into blog posts.

In just one year I have written nearly 100 blog posts and collected nearly 50,000 views by more than 135 different countries from around the world.  What I find interesting is that what I perceive to be the most valuable and useful blog posts are completely different from what my readers perceive as most valuable and useful.  After rereading and analyzing all of my blog posts, I created a Top 10 List of my blog posts that I personally find to be most valuable and useful.

Below are my Top 10 most valuable blog posts of the year.
  1. Questions have always been the Answer
  2. There is more than one way to climb a tree
  3. I think we have education backwards, don't you?
  4. The Landscape's guide to creating your PLN
  5. Three Apps to Manage your 21st Century Toolbox
  6. Three Act Mathematical Problem Solving
  7. Let's plant the seed of learning in our students
  8. It's time to shift or get off the pot!
  9. How many uses can you find for this Paperclip?
  10. The Evolution of Education: From Teacher to Co-Learner

Honorable Mentions
  1. Mindset: The difference between Good teachers and Great teachers
  2. The difference between "Grading" and "Degrading": My philosophy on Assessment
  3. Keep it up America! We are doing something right!

I would like to thank all of my subscribers, commenters and readers for finding my blog to be both valuable and useful.  If you are reading this blog post, then I would like to personally thank you for participating and contributing to my personal learning network!

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The Landscape of Learning's Top 10 Blog Posts of the Year