A "Quick Response" to QR Codes

QR Code for the Landscape of Learning
Brief Context for This Blog Post

So, I am currently enrolled as a student in an Educational Leadership program at Virginia Tech.  I am a member of a great cohort of educators and I am currently taking a course titled, Technology in Educational Leadership.  Throughout this course, we are encouraged to blog and discuss various topics regarding leadership in technology education.  I came across this blog post today and thought I would make a "quick response" to my colleague's inquiry on QR Codes.  Below is my colleague's post:

"Can you guys tell me the ways you've used (or seen used among your colleagues) QR codes in the classroom please?  If you haven't used them (or seen them used), let me know that too please."

In my effort to "quickly respond" to my colleague, I figured I would create my own blog post about QR Codes to share with others outside of my cohort.

A Quick Response to QR Codes

QR Code is a "quick response" code which allows users to quickly and easily visit a website by scanning a specific QR code with a mobile device.  They are often used at conferences and in classrooms to provide an efficient way for audience members (and students) to access websites.  Here is a brief definition provided by Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia definition of QR Code

I typically use QR codes when I want my students (or teachers) to quickly and easily access a website. This is pretty much the only reason why one would use a QR code.  It doesn't work for apps, or software, it pretty much only works for easily accessing websites on mobile devices.  Below is a great picture provided by Wikimedia Commons which identifies the key elements of a QR Code.

Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons licensed photo

Generating QR Codes

To create a QR Code (as the teacher) I would recommend the following apps:

  1. The QR Code Generator (website, iOS, and Android app)
  2. GoQR.me
  3. Qrafter (iOS app)
  4. QR Code Maker (iOS app)
  5. QR Code Generator

QR Code Scanners for iOS

Here are my top recommended QR Reader apps for iPad or iOS Devices

  1. Scan 
  2. Red Laser
  3. QR Code Reader and Scanner

QR Codes Scanner Apps for Android

Here are my top recommended QR Reader apps for Android

  1. Barcode Scanner
  2. QR Droid
  3. Red Laser