One Million Views: An Open Letter to My Followers

Dear Followers,

This month my blog reached the milestone of surpassing one million views.  When I first created this blog back in the fall of 2011, I had no idea that it would become so impactful.  I merely created the blog as a way to organize and creatively express my thoughts on education in a public space.  With every new post, I saw myself become a better writer—I learned more about information literacy, acknowledged author and creator rights with attribution, and engaged in various forms of social media.  Blogging afforded me the opportunity to write meaningful content, share it with an authentic audience of educators, and helped me to refine my writing skills.  I truly believe that taking this creative risk significantly helped me to learn more about education, social media, and the writing process.

Due to the pandemic, I decided to take a break from writing, because I wanted to spend more time and energy on my work and my family.  To my surprise, my blog posts kept circulating around the internet and were still accumulating thousands of views every month.  Now after reaching a million views, and doing some reflecting, I have decided to begin writing again—sharing what I have learned from challenges of the pandemic, as well as some new topics and ideas that have been on my mind for awhile. 

For anyone that has viewed, shared, or commented on my blog, I would like to personally thank you for helping to contribute to the overall success of this site.  Because of you, I am excited to begin writing again, and to continue my journey across the landscape of learning, in search of what is ultimately best for kids in education.

With immense gratitude,