15 Form-ative Assessments with Google Forms

A formative assessment is a tool that we as educators can use to collect information from students. We can then analyze this information in order to evaluate student learning and understanding.  One way that teachers often use formative assessments is to tailor their instruction.  Based on the data collected from the assessment, teachers can make an informed decision on whether to offer an extension, conduct remediation, or move on to the next lesson. 

While assessments are a very practical and powerful teaching tool, it can also be helpful to students by providing an opportunity for them to reflect on their learning.  John Dewey once said:

"We don't learn from experience.  We learn from reflecting on experience."

In other words, students can only learn by constructing their own knowledge via metacognition. And implementing formative assessments provides students with that opportunity.

In the Age of Accountability, it is typically expected and required of teachers to collect data on student growth and achievement.  Teachers are frequently inundated with progress monitoring and aligning their instruction with state and national standards.  I would argue that while data is important, we should not operate in a data-driven culture.  Instead, we should operate in a data-informed culture where data informs our instruction, as opposed to driving it.

I love Google forms because it offers modification to paper assessments which can really help to transform teaching and learning.  For example, it allows us to quickly collect responses in an organized fashion, provides a "Summary of results" tool that sorts and analyzes data into graphs and charts, and it allows us to share these forms and collaborate with others.  It also has additional features and tools such as third party add-ons, the ability to insert images and videos, and provides automatic grading options.

Therefore, my Google Innovator Project for this year was to create a collection of various formative assessment templates with Google Forms.  My goal for this project is to share these templates with other teachers so that they can adopt and modify these assessments to use with their students.  To use these formative assessments, all teachers have to do is click on my Google Drive Folder link and simply "Make a copy" of any Google Form that they would like to use in their classroom.

Each formative assessment offers a different way for students to reflect on what they learned for each lesson, and allows for the teacher to collect and analyze their responses to inform and tailor their instruction.  What's more, these formative assessments can be used with most grade levels in all subject areas.

Here is a list of the different formative assessment templates that I created with Google Forms.

To access and use these Google Forms, please click on the Form-ative Assessments Google Drive Folder and "Make copies" of the Forms that you would like to use.

Form-ative Assessments - Google Drive Folder link

  1. 3-2-1
  2. Agree or Disagree?
  3. Analogy
  4. Background Knowledge
  5. Burning Question
  6. Effectiveness
  7. Exit Ticket
  8. Free Write
  9. Inquiry - Image Prompt
  10. Inquiry - Text Prompt
  11. Inquiry - Video Prompt
  12. K-W-L-A
  13. Nonexample
  14. Summary
  15. Think-Pair-Share

These formative assessments are just one of the many different ways for teachers to evaluate student learning and understanding. If you are interested in these Google Forms, I hope that you choose to use and share them with other educators.  However, please know that all of these resources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 United States license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/). Put simply, you are free to copy, distribute, and adapt these resources as long as you give proper attribution and do not charge for them.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff. I am passing it on to my colleagues.

  3. Thank you for this information, Bradley. I copied several of the sample forms and will use them.

  4. Hi Admin! You are right Google forms offer a modification to paper assessments which may be a great help for teachers in teaching and learning. I appreciate the way you apply outcomes and information from google forms to evaluate student learning and understanding. Many teachers just use this tool for assessment purposes but I am amazed to know that you also tailor your instruction and do proper modifications in your teaching styles for better learning of the students. Your hard work and motive are incredible. If everyone shares their findings and research as you do it may benefit many teachers and students as well. Keep sharing and Good Luck.

  5. excellent...i do hope to use many of them...captures feedback as the course is on very effectively..


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