Did you Know? Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

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Did you know that you can increase your productivity and efficiency in Google Chrome with some simple keyboard shortcuts?  There are actually five keyboard shortcuts that can really save you a lot of time and energy with Chrome.

Ironically, we as teachers usually preach to our students to NOT take the shortcuts in life. We want them to develop good habits of working hard in order to reap the rewards of their efforts. However, "keyboard" shortcuts are an exception to this rule!

How it works

There are many keyboard shortcuts that can be used across multiple platforms and devices.  The keyboard shortcut that I use most frequently is the "Find" shortcut by pressing Ctrl+F.  This allows you to not only search within any webpage for any letter, word, or phrase, but it also allows you to search most applications on any device, on any platform.  For example, I often use Ctrl+F to find key words or phrases in a PDF file, or in a Word doc on either my Macbook or PC.  It is important to note that when using most keyboard shortcuts, the Control (Ctrl) key is used for PCs and Chromebooks, whereas, the Command Key is used for Macs.

Here's an Example

The keyboard shortcuts that are listed in the table below are featured specifically for Chromebooks. I find that I use these shortcuts the most on a daily basis.  To see a list of all of the keyboard shortcuts for Chromebooks, click on Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts.

Search within any application or webpage for any letter, word, or phrase.

Reopen the last tab you've closed. Google Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs you've closed.
Open a new window in incognito mode
Locks your screen
Ctrl+Shift+Q (twice)
Sign out of your Google Account on Chrome

Want a shortcut to your keyboard shortcuts?  When you are logged into your Chromebook, simply press Ctrl+Alt+? to open a window that has a list of all Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Now that you know
  1. The next time you find yourself short on time, or want to work more efficiently, try out some of these keyboard shortcuts for Chrome. 
  2. Search for ways to use similar keyboard shortcuts on a Mac or PC.

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