Did You Know? Google Inside Search

Did you know that Google has an entire website dedicated to Search tips and tricks?  It's called Inside Search, and its super helpful.

Everyone uses Google Search to look up information, but not everyone knows how to maximize their Search results.  Inside Search is a great place to learn basic, and advanced Search strategies that will help to yield more desired results.

How it Works

Inside Search provides lots of information in different categories, such as How Search Works, the Knowledge Graph Carousel, and other related Features of Search.  However, the best part about this website is the All Tips & Tricks page which gives Search users helpful information about best practices in search and other fun tricks you can do with Google Search.


Users can even perform a test of each Search strategy without leaving the All Tips & Tricks page.

Here's an Example

Did you know that you can simply type in "timer 5 minutes" into a Google Search and Google will begin a countdown timer starting at 5 minutes.  You can enter any amount of time that you want as long as you type "timer" then "minutes" and "seconds".

Now that you know

  1. Before your next Google Search, consider visiting Inside Search to learn some more tips and tricks to enhance your search skills. 
  2. How might you integrate these Search tips and tricks into your next lesson?  

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