Google Keep for Your "Drive"

I don't know about you, but I find that my most creative and innovative ideas come to me when I am driving.  I often drive home to Delaware on the weekends to visit my family and friends.  And in making this two-hour drive, I have discovered that this is my most productive "thinking time".

Luckily, Google came out with Google Keep which allows me to keep all off my creative ideas during my drive.  Using Google Action Commands and the built in speech-to-text software on my phone, I can speak and record my thoughts while I am driving.  This allows me to keep both hands on the wheel and stay alert while I am thinking out loud. There are even specific speech-to-text commands which allow its users to verbally speak punctuation commands.

Using my smartphone I can use the Google Keep app to document my complete thoughts and ideas which are then stored in Google Keep.  Then, I can easily access these notes later in my Google Drive account, which can be found at

When I got home, I took a screenshot of the note that I created using my Google Keep app.  Then, I simply copied and pasted my notes in Google Keep to write the rest of this blog post.


I would recommend buying a phone mount for the dash of your vehicle to encourage safety while driving. Here is a list of products that can be used to mount your smartphone in your vehicle.