Google + Education = Innovation

Google does so much for educators around the world ... and I want to help them with their mission.  That's why I applied to the 2012 Google Teacher Academy in New York City today.

The  Google Teacher Academy  is a once in a lifetime professional development opportunity for 50 innovative educators selected around the world.  "Each educator is selected based on the merits of their online application. Potential applicants include classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, technology specialists, librarians, administrators, professional trainers, and other education professionals who actively serve the worlds’ primary and secondary teachers and students. Participants are selected based on their professional experience, their passion for teaching and learning, and their successful use of technology in school settings." -Google Teacher Academy

The GTA is looking for educators that are proficient in Google Apps for Education and are able to lead professional development for other educators.

In addition to answering several questions and providing awards and accolades, candidates must also submit a video that is no longer than one minute in length.  The video topics to choose from are

  • Motivation and Learning
  • Classroom Innovation
  • Community Involvement

I decided to create my video on "Classroom Innovation".  

I am writing this blog for two reasons
  1. To bring awareness about the great things that Google is doing for teachers
  2. To demonstrate how I use the latest technology tools and best-practice teaching strategies in order to improve student achievement.
Help me, help Google, to help our teachers provide the most innovative learning experience for our 21st century students.

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