8 Reasons Why iGot 6 iTouches 4 My Students 2 Use

I recently just got 7 new iTouches for my middle school TECH classes.  I ordered 6 black iTouches and 1 white iTouch for me to use for demonstrations.  This has become a total game changer for my students in the classroom. 

I decided to order the iTouches due to a limited budget and my school district's no BYOD policy.  I was determined to get my students learning digitally... the way that they like to learn and the way that they will learn in the future.  So for only $199 each, I decided to order a total of 7, 8G iTouches which is a lot cheaper than a computer or an iPad.  In addition, I was able to get them all engraved for no additional cost. 

Applications for Education
For each group of students, there is 1 iTouch for the students to use.  Here are 8 ways how I am using the iTouches with my students. 

1.  Images
-take pictures

-edit pictures
-upload pictures to Flickr or Picasa

2.  Video

-record HD video
-edit and create movies with iMovie
-upload movies to Youtube or Vimeo

3.  Research

-perform research on Google
-use the Wikipedia app

4.  Assignments

-create and share Google Docs
-take notes and share notes using Evernote

5.  Calculator

-use the basic 4 function calculator
-turn the iTouch sideways for a scientific calculator

6.  Apps for Education

-use educational apps for learning such as Bridge Basher

7.  Student Response System

-take quizzes and formative assessments with Socrative, a student response system

8.  Student Engagement
-students are already familiar with iTouches and are comfortable using them.  They immediately become engrossed in the lesson when using these devices. 

iTouches in Action
Here is just one example of how I am using the iTouches with my students.  For the Bridge Challenge unit that I created, my students use the Bridge Basher App on their iTouches to test their bridge designs before they build their bridge from balsa wood. 

*Note: This video was filmed, edited in iMovie, and uploaded to YouTube all from my iTouch, without ever touching a computer!

Final Thoughts
If you are strapped for money in your school district, think about ordering iTouches for your classroom.    Who knows what your students just might do with them ...

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