My Top 52 Webtools for Students: Symbaloo EDU Webmix

As a technology teacher, I wanted an easy way for my students to access and explore all of my favorite webtools that I have researched and used.  I wanted my students to not only be aware that these tools exist, but I wanted them to use these webtools to create projects.

It wasn't until recently that I remembered that I could create and SHARE Webmixes with Symbaloo.  Symbaloo is a visual Bookmarking and Sharing tool on the web.  By creating your own favorite webmixes, you can easily access your favorite websites, news feeds, search engines, radio stations and/or widgets. By sharing and publishing your webmixes others can find the best information about all different subjects.

I have had my own Webmixes in Symbaloo for a long time, but it never occurred to me to make a Webmix for my students to use.  So I decided to compile a visual list of my top 52 favorite Webtools for my students to use.

Please feel free to do any of the following with my Symbaloo Webmix:
  1. Visit and explore this Symbaloo Webmix, 
  2. Add this Symbaloo Webmix to your own Symbaloo account, 
  3. Create your own Webmix in Symbaloo for your own students and share YOUR top 52 webtools!

Below is my Symbaloo Webmix of my Top 52 Webtools for Students


Over 50.000 teachers and students all over the world are using SymbalooEDU as a Personal Learning Environment tool

Here are some examples of how teachers are using Symbaloo as a PLE
  • Organize and Share the best of the web with your students
  • Organize teaching resources all in one place
  • Encourage student to student communications
  • Promote innovation while maintaining simplicity in education


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