Why is STEM education important to students and how will it be relevant to their future?

STEM education has never been as important for U.S. students as it is today. Compared with other students around the world, U.S. students are particularly falling behind in math and science. As a result, fewer students are graduating college with math and science degrees and thus, failing to fill math and science positions in the workforce. Simultaneously, as the U.S. demand for technology increases exponentially, the supply of innovators steadily decreases, jeopardizing our economy, environment, and national security.

As U.S. students enter the workforce, they may face the nation’s most difficult challenges to date. For instance, today’s students will need to produce innovative ideas to keep the United States competitive in the global marketplace. The United States thrives on creativity and ingenuity; therefore, our U.S. students will need to continue to surpass other countries in innovation and technological advancement.

Today’s students will have to take measures to stabilize the environment. While the world’s population progressively grows, its natural resources become scarcer. In addition, Earth is currently undergoing a climate change that will have detrimental effects on humans and the environment. Today’s students need to be prepared to develop solutions to effectively reduce climate change’s effects and provide protection against its consequences.

Preserving and protecting U.S. national security arguably poses the most difficult challenge today’s students will confront in the future. Terrorists are aware of America’s vulnerability to several types of attacks and they are a threat to our nation. If a substantial attack were successful, the United States could experience devastating consequences. Credit cards would be ineffective. The transportation of essential goods like food and gasoline would discontinue and drinking water would become contaminated from inoperable water treatment plants. Protecting the U.S. from this type of attack would require highly qualified scientists and mathematicians; therefore, U.S. educators must encourage and motivate students to excel in math and science.

The future of U.S. citizens is in the hands of the country’s educators. As an educator, it is my responsibility to inspire students to pursue STEM education so America continues to persevere in the future.