STEMtrepreneurship is the act of undertaking innovations centered specifically around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods and services. - Bradley Lands, August 2011

While attending the Siemens STEM Institute at Discovery Education Headquarters in August of 2011, I created a project that empowers students to solve problems within their own school or community.

Students, grouped by career clusters, will create student-directed projects using a STEM focus in order to create a product (good or service) to satisfy a need or want within the school and/or community. Students will use inquiry in order to identify a need or want within the school and/or the community, employ integrated STEM skills in developing a solution, and use digital media to communicate and publish results. The teacher will act as a facilitator as he guides the students to their finished product.

The sixth-grade students in my Research and Design Technology course are currently solving problems within their school and community. Check out my Student Projects Page to see their work!