America's Resiliency

Danny Forster's Autograph to me
STEM education has never been as important for U.S. students as it is today. Compared with other students around the world, U.S. students are particularly falling behind in math and science. As a result, fewer students are graduating college with math and science degrees and thus, failing to fill math and science positions in the workforce. America needs to be RESILIENT!

Shaking hands with Danny Forster
Danny Forster, from Build It Bigger, is helping America to be resilient in more than one way. Not only is he an outstanding architect who designs "green" houses and other buildings, but he is also passionate about the powerful symbolism that architecture can provide. Danny is the host of the Rising on the Science Channel, which is a documentary about rebuilding "Ground Zero" and reconstructing the new World Trade Center in New York City

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Danny at the Siemens STEM Institute at Discovery Education Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. He inspired me as an educator to spread his passion for STEM education. His new show, the Rising is a symbol for America's resiliency to "rebuild" as a nation.

After speaking with Danny, I decided to visit Ground Zero just a week before its grand opening to the public.  Here are some pictures that I took to show America's resiliency!